Best pool filter sand. Top 5 Reviews

I hope you, like me, are the proud owner of a backyard pool. That’s wonderful! Invite friends for the weekend and swim together. However, the pool water can become:

  • cloudy
  • smell unpleasant over time
  • the walls become covered with mucus

If this happens, it’s time to buy new sand to replace it in the filter.

Keeping the pool clean is the most critical task. Without this, your water will not be clear and pleasant for bathing. It is enough to monitor your filter and change the sand in time.

While sand, which can be found in many pool filters, is an important part of keeping pool water clean, it often causes confusion among pool owners.

The most serious mistake is to collect sand from somewhere on the street or from a sandbox desk.

Never use industrial or play sand in a pool filter.

It may look the same but there are microscopic differences between different types of sand that matter more than you might think.

This is all especially true for above-ground pools.  So, You will find the best sand and the difference in the buyer’s guide. This guide briefly explains what is essential in pool filter sand and how they differ.

 Top 5 best pool filter sand

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FairmountSantrol AquaQuartz-50 Pool Filter 20-Grade Silica Sand 50 Pounds, White

Refilling your pool filter with sand does not need to be pricey. The top of our list of the best pool filter sand – AquaQuartz pool filter sand. It is what you need exactly.

Valued very affordably, this sand has all the attributes of excellent pool sand. It’s free of chemicals and is 100% all-natural, so it backwashes quickly and evenly.

Aqua Quartz pool filter sand is the worry-free, hassle-free choice to keep pools clean and crystal clear. The premium pool filter sand does not stain and ensures easy maintenance at a lower cost by filtering out dust, algae, suntan lotion, oil, leaves, and insects. This ecologically safe sand does not solidify and will help prevent clogging and channeling.

The filter media is with a uniform dimension between 0.45 mm and 0.85 mm. It can cause the filter to push through some of the sand. But the number will not be so large as to be noticeable. And since the sand is very finely grained, your filter will not be plugged up or clogged.

Despite this one trouble, for the quality you get, we think this is the finest swimming pool filter sand for the cash. This pool filter sand is an excellent alternative to regular pool sand that does not deviate too much from conventional standards.

The AquaQuartz Sand Filter has all the performance you’d expect from your sand at an affordable price for those looking for the most economical way to preserve sparkling pool water.

  • Does not solidify
  • Chemical-free
  • Odorless
  • Affordable price
  • Some trouble with the particles being too small


Quikrete Pool Filter Sand Swimming

The grains are thoroughly graded to make sure top-notch filtering system. This silica sand is a beautiful asset that is simple to discover and economical to purchase for your pool. It works in eliminating destructive bacteria and particles from the water.

The plan is available in easy-to-use 50lbs bags. In many cases, the sand can seem a little too fine. The great particles can create the sand to stream right into the water initially, which could make your pool a little dirty.

So make sure the filter system is optimal for using this specific filter media.

  • Clean, white color
  • Pure silica sand
  • Perfectly sized grains
  • Suitable for most filtration systems
  • Particles may pass through the filter sometimes



Palmetto Pool filter-50 Superior Sand Filter – 20# Grade – Formula, One Size, 50Lb-A

Swimming pools currently have too many chemicals in the water, so it’s better not to add some extra. This Palmetto sand filter includes no additional ingredients and is 100% all-natural.

It is specifically designed for pool filters, so with any substance that might float in the water (no matter how small), the sand is ideally sized to filter it full blast.

The sand would certainly not get clumpy after a while to keep your filter from being clogged. You can obtain a smooth backwash from Palmetto even long after unpacking. Palmetto filter sand is thoroughly evaluated to guarantee it follows the needs for being one of the finest sands.

The sand particles are best for recording any hair, dirt, bugs, and so on that might be in the water. It is designed to filter out even the tiniest particles, keeping your pool water free from insects, oil, dust, algae, and leaves.

It is not, nonetheless, really budget-friendly sand to purchase for your pool. But When you put the Palmetto filter sand, it would be a few years before you need to replace them.

So if you will not want to pay a couple of additional bucks, you must buy the best pool filter media for your pool.

  • Chemical-free materials
  • The sand won’t get clumped and jam the filter
  • Clean and washed sand
  • High price



ZeoSand Pool Filter Filtration Media 25lbs


The ZeoSand pool sand is long-lasting and efficient sand to utilize in your sand filter system. Your swimming pool filter will undoubtedly work much better virtually when changing it with the Zeo sand. The variety of fragments this fantastic pool sand will capture will certainly be more excellent than various other competitors in the marketplace.

ZeoSand is a bit different than various other pool filter sands. ZeoSand makes from all-natural crystalline minerals that copy the sand’s filtering system. It is extra efficient. Zeosand is half the weight of ordinary sand, implying it takes half as much ZeoSand to fill your filter.

The price is a little high, yet you will not change to transform the sand as regularly as you may have if you buy more budget-friendly alternatives on the market.

The distinct make-up of ZeoSand does come with a drawback, though. Before utilizing this sand, you require to do some extremely extensive backwashing. Otherwise, your pool might appear greenish.

So make sure the backwashing was doing correctly, or you could have to start over. ZeoSand can filter out a lot of smaller-sized particles because of a unique physical composition.

The high-surface-area and irregular crystalline shell enable this sand to be very valuable for catching fine inhibitions. Given that the sand removes chloramines, this tool’s water filter is much less prone to cause shedding experiences in your eyes.

  • It lasts up to 5 years.
  • Catches even small particles in the pool
  • Resistant to backwashing
  • It comes in two 25 pound bags
  • Price filter media


HTH 67074 Filter Sand Care for Swimming Pools, 50 lbs

HTH is the production of pool products that makes a vast array of product choices for ground pools. This sand could do the technique if you have had luck with HTH items when caring for your pool filters.

This HTH Filter Sand is a 50-pound bag of 20-grade sand. HTH supplies a # 20 ordinary silica sand at a quality of 0.45 millimeters. It’s a simple pool filter sand, though it is priced higher than many similar rivals.

It’s a very basic pool filter sand, though it’s priced higher than many similar competitors. Although thoroughly washed, it does not offer the same 100% natural and chemical-free standard.

  • HTH makes good pool maintenance products
  • 50lb bag
  • Effective size for filter media
  • Priced higher than other pool sand choices


When and also exactly how to alter the sand in the pool filters?

Usually, one must often tend to alter the sand pool filter every 2 to 3 years. Nonetheless, if you are utilizing chemical therapies with copper sulfate (or multi-action tablets), it’s recommended to do it every two years.

Regardless, the first thing you need to do is inspect the version of your filter. Next off, look at the specifications and see just how much sand you require to change for your pool.

It is a detailed overview of exactly how to change your sand filter:

Since you recognize our suggestion for the very best pool filter sands, you can take our word for it, make your purchase, and be done. There is a bit extra to find out. In this area, we will quickly cover a couple of points to compare between brands and what could set one pool filter sand aside from another one.

Purchasing Guide For The Best Pool Filter Sand

You might be questioning exactly how you can choose the best sand filter for your pool. Here is an overview that concentrates on some of the more crucial aspects of acquiring a sand filter. Do not forget – You have 5 of the ideal swimming pool filter sands we picked out. The quality of the sand pool filter that you choose will affect your pool’s water quality. 

Sand Dimensions

The swimming pool sand filters size does matter when keeping your pool clean and free of any unwanted materials. For sand pool filters to work effectively, the grains of sand have to be around 0.45 or 0.55 mm ought to be great. 0.45 or 0.55 mm ought to be great. Select sand fragments would indicate better control in the filtering system of the more acceptable contaminants from the water.

Significant bits might wind up blocking the filter or letting several great particles get away into the water. Make sure you look at the sand size before picking out a pack of pool sand filters.

Sand Type

Pool filter sands vary from standard sands. However, there are also a few kinds to consider. Most sand filters are silica sand, also known as the # 20 silica sand. You would certainly see a lot of well-renowned firms utilizing this sand for their filters.

They are incredibly reliable in eliminating any contamination from the water. This type of sand is likewise not manufactured by the companies. Rather, it is extracting.

An additional sand type made use of is glass sand. It is environmental-friendly as well as is a highly suitable choice option for silica.

Glass sand is made from recycled glass as well as is very smooth. This sort of sand can capture tiny bits (around 2 microns).

Zeolites make de of volcanic rock minerals. The zeolite sand is an efficient option for silica. It can flaunt x100 far better surface than any typical pool filter sand you can think of. The zeolite has a spongy honeycomb shape as well as can allure chloramines.

Make sure you take into consideration the nature of all the sands before concentrating on one. Various sand kinds imply each of them can use something the other can not. Match your choices to all the types and then choose one to acquire.


The majority of the pollutants would have no trouble removing with any typical pool filter sand. Any pool filter sand is anticipating eliminating unwanted things (pests, dirt, hair, oil, leaves, etc.) from the pool.

Nevertheless, if you expect it to be rigorous with your purification, particular makers have to pool filter sand forms that would remove even better fragments.

Most of the typical sands can filter fragments of as little as 20 microns. Yet, some types can permit elements to be filtering system to as little as 3 microns. Make sure you consider this particular aspect in your sand before picking one for your filter.


Most suppliers use a non-toxic formula in their sand filter for pools. Nevertheless, a few of them can have different chemicals to make sure more efficient outcomes.

Pools currently handle by artificial materials that can have unfavorable results on the human body. It’s better to make use of natural sands that are ecologically risk-free. Be sure to check the label to see if the bits are toxic-free.

Budget plan

Budget can be the driving factor for many customers when they choose a pool filter sand. You might think that given that pool filter sands are just refilling packs for the filter system, they would undoubtedly cost a really bit.

Their capability can often affect the pricing extensively. There are numerous budget-friendly alternatives in the market. However, the majority of them will not last long.

Sand pool filters are popular due to low maintenance requirements but require approximately five years of backwash and complete sand replacement.

You can place a solitary pack and neglect replacing the sand for a great couple of years. However, those sands are pretty pricey compared to lots of regular ones. So consider your spending plan and your pool upkeep before picking the best pool filter sand.


What kind of sand do you use in a pool filter?

If you’re looking to maintain your pool, you must purchase the right type of sand. Sand for a playground is not going to work – because any old bag from your local supply store won’t do!
The proper kind of sand needed is actually called silica sand, and it undergoes careful inspection before being graded properly.
But in addition to pool sand, there are other alternatives, such as filter glass and filter balls.

What type of pool filter is best?

The type of filter you should use is a common issue, and people have many different opinions. Sand filters are the most popular because they’re inexpensive, last a long time, and do not require any electricity to operate. In contrast, DE filters can be very efficient for filtering out smaller particles but will need more maintenance than sand or cartridge ones which still work well when reducing debris in your pool water.

How much pool filter sand do I need?

This handy chart from INYO Pools is a great reference:
How much pool filter sand do I need

When should I change the sand in my pool filter?

Your pool filter sand is the first line of defense against your pool water. It traps dirt and debris that may have made its way into your pristine oasis. Still, it can become clogged over time due to various reasons, such as animal or human hair, which decomposes in warm temperatures creating an acidic environment that eats away at what was once a solid material.
Most experts recommend changing your pool filter sand every five years or so, but truthfully, this can vary depending on usage and the size of your tank.
If you notice sludge collecting underneath where you usually take out the bucket full for backwashing, then this means it’s probably about time to replace the existing filtration media.

How do I know if my sand filter is bad?

There are many signs your sand filter is bad.
Your first sign might be murky water after trying all of the other remedies for a clearer pool. Another thing to watch out for is backwash cycles that get shorter and shorter. Sand in your pool is also a dead giveaway that there’s a problem with your filter.



You mustn’t overlook your pool filter sand if you want to continue delighting in a pool full of clear and also clean water. Getting the ideal sand indicates you’ll have attractive clear water for an additional 5 years before you have to also think of changing it again.

Regardless of which pool filter sand you choose, if you follow the standards in our customer’s guide or you pick one from our evaluations, you make certain to be pleased with your choice as you take pleasure in another day of crystal-clear pool water.

It is effortless to get puzzled by a lot of options set out before you. Begin with something basic and also see exactly how it goes. When it comes to replacing it, you can always get an additional brand name of pool filter sand.

We would consider the AquaQuartz pool filter sand the best choice out of the abovementioned only functions that you can get out of your pool filter sand. The pricing is also extra budget-friendly compared to lots of makers.

Therefore, it is always essential to buy sand explicitly made for pools. A pool owner should never try to use industrial sand or play sand in their filters because not only will this not work, but it can damage the filter. Whatever pool filter sand you select, make certain you are satisfied with the filtration system.

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