Best Pool Test Kit

Why do you need a pool testing kit? How do pool testing kits work? Types to choose from Best pool testing kits and bottom line Why it’s important to test your pool water. Seriously, unbalanced pool chemistry will wreak havoc on your swimming pool and your swimmers.

Water testing is the only way to know for sure what invisible chemicals are doing in your water. You can buy the best pool test kit to do water testing to ensure safe and clean water

Best Pool Testing Kits

Our Top Picks

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1.   Taylor Service Complete Pool Water Test Kit

Keep your pool water clean, clear, and safe to use with this Taylor Technologies Liquid Pool Test Kit. A titrimetric pool test kit checks chlorine (free and total), bromine, pH, acidity and alkalinity, calcium hardness, total alkalinity, and stabilizer levels.

The kit is designed for chlorine pools but can be used for seawater analysis. It comes in a blue plastic container with a lid to keep reagents safe when not in use.

The pool testing kit uses 2 oz. Reagents with titrants to improve accuracy includes a printed color comparator, waterproof instructions, treatment charts, and a waterproof chemistry guide.

  • More accurate in determining calcium hardness levels than most other foods
  • Performs several other tests.
  • Refueling reagents is cheap
  • Suitable for seawater pools.
  • Easy to use
  • More expensive due to the number of tests
  • Not as accurate in pH and total alkalinity levels
  • More advanced than some pool owners want

  2.   Poolmaster Essential Collection Chemistry Case 5-Way

For maintaining proper pool water chemistry, this test pool kit. A pool testing kit can measure tests for Chlorine, Bromine, pH, Acid Demand, and Total Alkalinity.

The liquid testing kit includes a clear testing block containing two test tubes, each with fitted caps to make it easy to combine the pool water sample with the required reagents.

Clear-view round test block with integrated color chips for accurate color matching and a quick-reference guide to help keep track of the appropriate chemical levels.

  • Small set size
  • Works for pools with chlorine and bromine
  • Uses reagents instead of test strips
  • Refill reagents frequently
  • Not all chemical elements are tested

 3.   RUNBO Test Strips 7-in-1

Testing strip RUNBO – best test strips for pools as for me. Quick and easy testing. Just one single dip in the water for 2 seconds. Hold the strip horizontally for 30 seconds, and the color will change to indicate the current chemical composition of the pool water.

The kit test strips measure total and free Chlorine, Bromine, Total Hardness, Total Alkalinity, pH, and CYA.

Complete pool test kit includes100 strips in total, 50 in the bottle.

No need to shake the strip after dipping into the water. Each test strip is made of high-quality fiber paper that provides instant and reliable results for the pool. It is essential to test your pool regularly, often to keep pool water fresh and sparkling clean. Test your pool a minimum of twice a week.

  • Rapid testing
  • Affordable
  • Includes transcript of results
  • Up to 100 uses
  • CYA test may not be as accurate
  • It is not always possible to accurately determine the color

4.   Taylor K2005 Swimming Pool Test Kit

Many saltwater pool test kits include only the required reagents to measure the salt level in the pool water. Still, users must monitor several different water chemistries to maintain the pool. This pool testing kit helps maintain chemical balance for the entire seawater pool, rather than focusing solely on salt.

The K-2005 liquid testing kit tests chlorine (free+total), bromine, pH, total alkalinity, acid requirement, base requirement, and calcium hardness, as well as cyanuric acid.

The cyanuric acid test is vital for outdoor pools as this chemical stabilizes chlorine in the sun. Like the other 2000 Series best pool test kits, it came with reagent bottles and printed color matching charts. It makes it easy to compare each color and get accurate readings.

  • Specifically for seawater pools
  • Tests on nine different elements
  • No test strips. The kit contains reagents
  • More accurate results
  • Salt level does not check
  • Sometimes a lot of reagent is consumed

5. LaMotte ColorQ Pro 7 Digital Pool Test Kit

Digital testers are very convenient because they don’t require color matching. However, they are significantly more expensive than other types of kits, so you need to be sure you are getting one that you can count on.

The best digital pool test suite currently on the market is LaMotte ColorQ Pro 7.
It comes with a photometer that you will use to read the results of your pool water samples, and a digital display will accurately show you your levels.

You don’t need to distinguish colors. Your results are displayed in numbers.
This kit comes in a waterproof case and includes seven liquid reagents and a photometer. This pool water tester tests free and chlorine, CYA, total hardness, bromine, pH, and alkalinity.

  • Super complete test set
  • All necessary chemical tests
  • Great for people who find it difficult to read other test results
  • High quality carrying case
  • Expensive, almost three times more expensive than the first case
  • Sometimes there are problems with the digital display

6.   eSeasonGear Digital Tester for SaltWater Pools

A compact, safe, and easy-to-use digital pool tester, the eSeasonGear digital pool tester can safely be kept in a pocket or tucked in a bag with other pool maintenance items.

Users may wish to store the tester in a zippered bag, however, so you take care to keep it from getting contaminated by other products. Batteries for operation are included. There are three buttons to control the device.

Saltwater pools and koi ponds are perfect for a digital water tester. Measure the temperature of the water from 32 to 130 degrees Fahrenheit. In terms of cost, the device is relatively inexpensive for a digital product with a range of salt content from 0 to 5000 ppm.

  • Best for saltwater pools and koi ponds
  • Comes calibrated up to 3000 ppm
  • Fast results
  • Only reads the salt level

7.   HTH Test Kit Swimming Pools Chemical Tester

 This convenient swimming pool test kit is a quick and easy way to determine what your pool needs to keep it looking clean and beautiful. The HTH 6-Way pool water Test Kit for swimming pools checks for chlorine, bromine, pH, total alkalinity, total hardness, and CYA.

Balanced water can help prevent corrosion, etching, equipment damage, and scale buildup. It also ensures maximum sanitizer efficiency and optimizes comfort for swimmers. Although it cannot measure the quantity of salt in the water, this pool water test kit applies to both chlorine and saltwater systems.

There is a clear testing block included with the titrimetric pool water test kit and several small reagent bottles. I can do approximately 100 tests with this kit alone.

  • Works in pools with chlorine, bromine and salt water
  • Up to 100 tests
  • No carrying case
  • Test results can be difficult to read


If you are a saltwater pool owner, you know you still need chlorine to clean and balanced water. The Taylor Technologies K-1766 Sodium Chloride SaltWater pool test kit is the best pool test kit among saltwater swimming pool owners.

This pool water test kit is easy to use and stands out for its accuracy.
A saltwater pools test kit is designed with saltwater chlorine generators and utilizes an argentometric testing method, meaning it involves silver ions.

It comes in a waterproof case and includes a graduated test tube, a chromate indicator, and a silver nitrate reagent.

  • Salt measurement accuracy up to 200 ppm
  • Easy to use
  • Great for seawater pools
  • For salt test only
  • May show false results if you don’t use it correctly

 9.   AquaChek Pool Testing Kit

I appreciate the pool and spa test strips as they are generally the quickest way to check a pool’s chemistry, although it depends on your ability to distinguish colors. If more accurate testing is not required, the test strip is your best choice!

The AquaChek Select Strip Tests on seven critical chemical parameters in seconds: total hardness, bromine, chlorine (free), pH, total alkalinity, and CYA.

You will get results in seconds! To keep your pool water clean and healthy, test the water at the two ends or sides of the pool at least twice a week!

  • Provides accurate results in seconds
  • One test strip required (two if testing each side of the pool)
  • Extremely easy to use
  • The results are shallow.
  • Must use results reader applications

Best pool testing kits   

Pool Water Test Kits are necessary for people who have a pool in the backyard. There are some pool test kits used to test the water. But For digital test kits, liquid pool test kits, and test strips.

Pool titrimetry kits

May also refer to as liquid test kits. In my opinion, this testing system is the best test kit for determining the composition of pool water. The liquid test kits use reagents, which is the liquid that comes in the dropper bottles. To perform the test, you must take a sample from the water. Then add the appropriate chemicals and shake the bottle.

  • Accuracy
  • Average price
  • Reagent bottles will also last more than once
  • Need to conduct research for a get a result

Test strips

Test strips, also known as colorimetric pool testing kits, can analyze 5-7 factors per strip. They need to be immersed in the water with the part that should change color. Hold for a little, and then compare the color of the litmus strip with the table that should come with the pool water test kit.

  • Low price
  • An uncomplicated way of measuring
  • Availability. Buy the most comprehensive assortment of tester strips in any pool store
  • Inaccurate measurement
  • Disposable

Digital pool testing kits

The digital pool testing kit gets a set of unique metal probes inserted into the water and analyzed. In most cases, electrical testers allow you to measure all the necessary indicators. Digital best pool test kits use a set of metallic probes to check the pool water. Therefore, you do not need to purchase any additional devices and substances. Digital test kits measure one or two metrics. Digital pool testers are much easier to read since the electronic device does it for you.

  • Maximum accuracy
  • The speed of delivery of the final result
  • Visibility. Digital pool test kits display the analysis result in a number, not a color, which is very convenient.
  • High price

The balance your pool water chemistry

Of course, testing your pool water is just the beginning. Another critical aspect of maintaining your pool is water balance to keep it clean and healthy. An unbalanced pool can be dangerous to swimmers and damage your pump, liner, filter, and other pool equipment.

As we mentioned above, there are many different levels of pool chemistry to watch out for – and they are all critical. Chlorine and bromine disinfect pool water by removing bacteria, algae, and other contaminants.

Yet, too many of these chemicals can harm your eyes, skin, and hair. Low alkalinity and pH values ​​can lead to corrosion and scale formation in the pool. Also, too much calcium (calcium hardness) can clog your pipes and filtration system.

Many factors go into choosing a suitable best pool testing kit.



How does a pool test kit job?

The pool water test kit comes with some different reagents that require to be included in pool water examples to determine the pH and chemical equilibrium of the water. Some pool water test kits have two reagents, while others can have up to 7, depending on the numerous chemicals the test set is designed to spot.

Are electronic pool testers more accurate?

Some premium electronic pool testers can be accurate to within +/- 1 percent. Pool water test kits call for an individual to add drops manually, which can influence the accuracy of the outcome.
If pool test kits are used precisely as meant, they are a more budget-friendly digital pool tester.

Exactly how often should I examine the pH of my pool water?

Examine the pH balance of the pool water 2 to 3 times a week, depending on the regularity with which the pool is made use.

Does the pool test kit go bad?

Pool water test kits consist of reagents that can break down over time. Look for the expiry day on the item, and also make sure to change the pool test kit if it has expired.

Can I use a reagent from another business with my test set?

No. Various firms formulate reagents differently. Only use reagents from the set supplier to get accurate analyses.

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