Best solar cover reel for inground pool.

It is essential to cover your pool to prevent insects and debris from entering, but it can be tiring to take the cover on and off. It is a great idea to get the best solar cover reel for inground pool when it comes to handling your pool cover. Pool cover reels are available on the market in a multitude of styles, and we can help you select the one that works best for you.

Top best solar cover reels

If you have an above-ground swimming pool by Intex or another brand, we suggest you opt for these bect solar cover reels.

VINGLI Pool Solar Cover Reel for Inground Pool

pool cover reel set

VINGLI Pool Solar Cover Reel Set is one of the most durable on this market and also very easy to use, even if you haven’t used such equipment before. This Vingli pool cover reel can be used by anyone because it’s made with aluminum that will not rust over time!

The grooved design around each coil prevents straps from sliding down while pulling your pool cover. This makes it easy to pull the pool solar cover. The wheels are made of large solid tires, so this reel will last a long time.

With built-in straps, traction is larger and more stable. Telescopic tubes can be locked to prevent them from shaking while you use them. As an elevated device, it actually functions better than those that stand on the ground. There is a good balance with this cover reel, and it is lightweight and large enough for you to roll it’s up easily.

Inground pools up to 18 feet in width can be covered with this Vingli pool cover reel. In any shape of the pool, this reel will fit, but the width must not exceed 18 feet. It is perfectly used in rectangle pools. But it is also suitable for bean-shaped pools, kidney-shaped pools, odd-shaped pools, Marilyn Monroe pools, and oyster-shaped pools, as well.

This solar cover reel is also available for pool sizes up to 21 feet.

  • Wheel with handle
  • Suitable for any shape of pool
  • Easy to assemble with instructions
  • The reel comes in two boxes
  • For too long pools the reel may sag in the middle
  • High price

Best Choice Products Aluminum Cover Reel For Inground Swimming Pool

Best Choice Products Aluminum Inground Swimming Pool Cover Reel

Best Choice Products pool cover reel is made of lightweight aluminum. The legs are made of stainless steel. These materials won’t rust, which means the concession will last a long time and won’t lose its appearance.

The plastic handle is easy to handle. With its help, even one person can roll up the pool solar cover. The pool cover reel is very light and easy to move thanks to the large plastic tires with tread. This is one of the best value for money reels.

  • Lightweight design
  • Easy to assemble
  • Stainless
  • Adhesive-based straps are not durable
  • Handle sometimes breaks
  • Comes in two boxes

ARKSEN Stainless Steel Solar Cover Reel for Swimming Pools

ARKSEN Stainless Steel Solar Cover Reel for Swimming Pools

With this ergonomic reel, you can easily unroll and roll your pool solar blanket. Because of this, you can rest assured that your swimming pool will be covered and you will be able to enjoy the benefits.

There is a heavy-duty wheel on the frame to make it easier for you to move the unit around. The frame is constructed from stainless steel. The wheels are also equipped with large treaded tires that make it easier to move the cover around while rolling.

A perfect choice for inground pools, this reel rolls your cover comfortably on a 3 1/4″ diameter tubing and can cover pools up to 20 ft. x 40 ft.

  • Customizable size
  • Easy to assemble
  • The instructions could be better
  • Not strong enough, bends in the middle

Rocky’s 3A In Ground Pool Solar Reel

Rockys 3A In Ground Pool Solar Reel

The design of this solar cover reel was especially intended for inground swimming pools that are up to 20 ft. wide. The surface is baked enamel for durability and quality and made of durable die-cast aluminum. In fact, the finish offers corrosion resistance and a nice appearance.

You can install and operate this pool solar cover reel yourself without the help of another person. You can move it easily around thanks to the 2-inch caster wheels.

The installation process is very easy. We like the design and overall construction of these best solar cover reels, which make it very easy to use, even though it is not the most affordable pool reel on the market.

You simply need to reel in the cover and then release the anchor bolts to move the Rocky’s 3A Pool Solar Reel out of the way. A comprehensive set of installation and user instructions is included with the Rocky’s 3A In Ground Pool Solar Reel, which has 9.5″ ground clearance.

Some pool owners have noted that the reel is low for large 20×40 foot solar blanket

  • High quality
  • Expensive

Sun2Solar Wide Stainless Steel Solar Cover Reel

plastic wheels

There are many benefits to using solar pool covers in the pool, but sometimes they can be inconvenient when you have to remove them by hand. With the Sun2Solar Easy Gear Solar Cover, removing the solar cover is no problem.

Let’s face it, this cover reel works great for 8mm and 12mm thick solar pool covers. The frame of the solar cover reel is made of stainless steel and the cover reel itself is made of aluminum drums. So no rust!

The design of the best pool cover reel, along with the two wheels, can be easily maneuvered. This makes it very easy for one person to move the reel and cover in and out of the pool during storage.

The reel is suitable for all pool shapes up to 20 feet wide, such as kidney pools, Roman, freeform, Greek, a figure of eight, and rectangular pools.

  • Lightweight design
  • Suitable for all pools
  • Instructions are not entirely clear

Automatic Solar Blanket Cover Reel/Roller

Automatic Solar Blanket Cover Reel Remote Controlled1

Solar-Lakes offers this solar battery-powered solar cover reel. Within about a minute, it rolls up your 20 ft. x 40 ft. blanket that is 1/ 4 inches thick. It allows you to spend more time enjoying your pool instead of removing the cover.

This product does not require an electric grid. This means that you don’t need to use DC/AC chargers two or three times a day to close or open your rectangular pool. You can rest assured that your solar cover reel will work for the entire week if you have three days of sunshine, and your solar panel is located well.

Also, you are covered by a one-year warranty that covers any issues arising from the manufacturer.

In the package you get:

– motorized unit with solar panel and battery,

– waterproof portable remote control,

– internal AC/DC charger to charge/prep the battery while the system is in winter storage so your battery is fully charged and ready for the next season.

AC/DC charging is not required for normal daily operation of this solar powered product and is not recommended for use outdoors for your safety.

  • Automatic
  • Operated by remote control
  • Runs fast
  • Expensive
  • It is better to ask professionals for installation

Our Best Pool Cover Reels for Above Ground Pool

VINGLI Pool Cover Reel Above Ground Pool

VINGLI Pool Cover Reel Above Ground Swimming Pool Cover Reel

The VINGLI swimming pool solar cover reel has achieved its goal by making it easy for one person to remove the cover and having a good storage space for it during pool use.

The best solar cover reel consists of 7 sections. This means it will fit a pool from 5 to 16 feet. You choose the length of the reel yourself!

The sections are made of thick aluminum tubing, so they can hold heavy covers with a minimal sag in the middle. Installation is very easy and only takes a few minutes. And it will make it much easier for you to remove and put the best solar cover on the pool.

Suitable for oval, round and rectangular pools.

Kit includes straps and tongues that secure the cover to the bar. The lightweight plastic reel also includes a fastener to attach the reel to the pool, making it easy to put on and take off the solar pool cover.

  • Adjustable size
  • Easy to install
  • Doesn’t attach very firmly to the pool
  • Inaccurate instructions

Intex Solar Pool Cover Reel

Intex 28051 Solar Roller

A great option for your above-ground swimming pool, the Intex Aluminum Base Solar Pool Cover Reel conveniently attaches to the metal frame of your pool. The hand-cranked mechanism makes it easy to roll out your solar pool cover.

The intex solar cover reel for above ground pools can settle in a cover for rectangular frames with a width ranging from 9 feet to 16 feet. This solar cover reels are simple and useful. Featuring convenience, this tool can be used for many seasons to come.

Unintentional unrolling of the handle won’t occur because of the locking feature. Additionally, the aluminum shaft of the heavy-duty construction ensures both the highest level of durability and protection.

  • Easily operated hand mechanismю.
  • Protects against unintentional unrolling
  • Easy to install
  • Affordable
  • Sometimes the plastic fasteners can’t hold
  • Coverage is not included

GLI 55-2403WH-TK Whirlwind Above Ground Pool Cover Reel

GLI 55 2403WH TK Whirlwind Above Ground Reel Pool

Our pick for the best pool cover reel with bracket mounts is the Whirlwind Solar Reel by GLI Pool Products. The commercial-grade aluminum used to build solar cover reels makes it very durable, and it won’t rust.

It’s suitable for ground pools up to 28 feet wide. Further, the Whirlwind Solar Reel from GLI Pool Products has construction and quality of materials that ensure it won’t sag during use.

Most users who tested and reviewed it said it was a stable product, and you can install it on top of an above-ground pool. Its high-strength nylon bearings make this pool cover reel easy for a single person to use.

We found this pool cover reel to be similar to many other above-ground pool cover reels we reviewed, since the solar cover is not included, and it comes with detailed instructions to make it easy to install and operate.

  • Aluminum of commercial quality
  • Various sizes available
  • Confusing instructions

Doheny’s Swimming Pool Solar Cover Reel Systems

hook and loop straps

Doheny’s Deluxe Pool Solar Cover Reel System is made of plastic and is suited for an above-ground pool. It is lightweight and is easy to install. Featuring an attached kit, this is a good fit for both round and oval pools. It has a length of 18 feet and can hold up to 12 ml of a solar blanket.

Despite the fact that it is made of plastic, this pool solar cover reel has a heavy-duty construction and will last for quite a while. It comes with detailed instructions for installation, so you can start using the product right away. The pool owner who tested it also commented on how easy it was to assemble and operate.

Attached to the fence post or the pool itself, depending on your preference. Those looking for an affordable and lightweight pool cover reel will find the Doheny’s Deluxe Pool Cover Reel System an excellent option.

  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Cheap
  • It is sometimes difficult to understand instructions

The benefits of a pool cover reel

You can make your life much easier with a pool cover reel. In the first place, it handles the bulk of the lifting and lowering of the pool cover. It is also an effective way to ensure that your pool is covered when not in use.

As a result, most pool owners are not willing to drag their covers, so they neglect to do so altogether. A solar pool cover does more than just help increases the temperature of the water for a comfortable swim. A pool cover will keep a lot of debris, leaves, or insects out of your swimming pool water.

Therefore, a solar pool cover reel will be a great helper to your household.

How To Choose A Pool Cover Reel

Inground vs Above Ground Pools

For inground pools especially large ones, using a solar cover reel will be a real lifesaver. You can easily cover your pool overnight with the reels. And it’s easy to take it off when you’re swimming.

For in-ground pools, size is also important. For small pools, the size of the solar cover won’t be great. It won’t be hard to just take it off and put the solar cover back on if needed. In addition, such pools are usually drained and refilled every day.


There is little difference between most of the solar pool cover reels listed. Your cover will be able to be reeled in using a hand crank that wraps itself around itself.

Some of the higher-end solar cover reels will have a hand crank at the end of the wheel. With it, reeling in is fairly easy and can be done by one person easily.

Some solar cover reels will operate more simply, with a hand crank instead of a wheel. A remote control is provided for automatic reels.


In-ground and above-ground pool use different types of pool cover reels. You need to make sure the solar cover reels are a good fit for your pool because most of them are intended only for one type. Intex Solar Cover Reel, a good value pick, works with above-ground pools, while VINGLI Pool Cover Reel Set is suitable for in-ground pools.


Aluminum and stainless steel are commonly used, both of which require the greatest strength and therefore, the greatest amount of durability in order to withstand the stress of the operation. It is often made from aluminum tubing to save weight and make sure it is easy to use as it has high strength but is lightweight. Aluminum and stainless steel are corrosion-resistant materials as well.

In terms of durability, plastic reels are less durable than metal ones, however, since they are made of high-quality plastic, they will have excellent strength, making them ideal for smaller pools.


If you want to purchase a pool cover reel, you must take the shape and size of your pool into account. Depending on the pool’s size and shape, the reel’s price will differ from that for a free form pool. For example, a reel for a rectangle pool will cost less than one for a free form pool. You need to take into account the area of the surface you want to cover when determining the right size.


Be sure to pay attention to the availability of the warranty. The standard warranty on pool cover reels is one year. A warranty gives you extra peace of mind, and the longer it is, the longer the product will last.


In addition to the main mechanism of the tool, it is also important to consider other aspects and make sure that they will be of high enough quality that you can use them effectively.

The wheels of the pool cover reel are an important feature to consider. With sturdy wheels, you won’t have a problem moving the reel from one place to another, which is especially important when it comes to storing the unit. It’s better to have a pool cover reel with large treaded rubber wheels for easy transportation and extra stability.

Also, look out for solar cover mounts. They should attach securely to the reel. This is one of the points that will ensure the longevity of your purchase.


Pool cover reels vary in price based on the quality of the materials used to construct the device, as well as the additional features it may possess. As with any device, the price increases when quality materials are used that make the pool cover reel more durable and long-lasting.

The installation of pool cover reels

Generally, you can install a pool cover reel yourself after reading the manufacturer’s instructions. Make sure you carefully read the instructions and only install reels that are suitable for your pool.

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