How to hook up pool vacuum to Intex pump

Many consumers prefer to use above ground pool instead of traditional in-ground pools. They are easy to use, do not require much time and effort to install. Also, a huge plus is that they are presented in many variations depending on what size and shape you need. Intex pools will give you the same pleasure from swimming as regular in-ground pools.

Another issue is that any pool needs regular cleaning. Intex pools have a special vacuum cleaner for this purpose, which is connected to the pool pump. In this article, we will tell you How to hook up pool vacuum to Intex pump.

Pool Vacuum and Intex Pool Pump: What Do They Do?

Before we begin to analyze the issue properly, let’s understand clearly what a pool vacuum cleaner and an Intex pool pump are.

What is a Pool Vacuum?

In terms of properties and devices, a pool vacuum cleaner for a pool is very similar to a conventional vacuum cleaner that you use at home, but pool vacuums also have the function of catching debris and dirt directly from your Intex pool water.

The pool vacuum is an electrical system, which contains special filters for cleaning underground and above ground pool.

What is a Pool Pump?

The main difference between pool vacuums and an Intex pump is that in the first case you have the opportunity to direct the path to which the dirt will come out. The Intex pump is also designed for water purification and filtration. It performs this function by sucking dirty water and returning clean water back to the pool. However, the Intex pump is in place, so you will not be able to set the direction where the dirt will go.

Before You Proceed

To start, check your filter pump. For preparation, understand that it must be hooked up with the Intex pump. The hourly flow rate should be somewhere between 1,600 gallons to 3,500 gallons. It should also be remembered that the more you have flow rate, the greater the productivity and efficiency of cleaning will be.

Also remember that if there is a sand filter system in your pool, it will be necessary to clean it. This will protect against the ingress of debris and sand back into the pool. To carry out cleaning, perform a backwash. To do this, we recommend running the filter pump for about 10-15 minutes before connecting to the cleaner.

Tools in need

There are tools, you’ll need:

  • Telescoping pole
  • Vacuum hose
  • Skim vac

How to Hook Up Pool Vacuum to Intex Pump

Hooking up a pool vacuum to an Intex pump shouldn’t be difficult. Vacuuming an aboveground Intex pool may not seem so difficult, but still, if the pool vacuum cleaner is incorrectly connected to the pump, then some problems may arise.

Manual pool vacuums

When it comes to design, a manual pool vacuum features a telescopic rod and a brush head, which connects with a hose to a filter system. It’s the ideal option if you’re up to cleaning the floor of an Intex above-ground pool manually. In other words, you’ll use your hand to guide the suction cup on the floor of the pool. This will clean such dirt from the floor.  

Automatic pool vacuum cleaner

We also want to mention that if you don’t want to spend a lot of time and effort on the whole process, then buying an automatic pool cleaner will be the best solution for you to clean the pool floor. Having an automatic pool cleaner, you will be able to skip all the steps that you will have to do manually in this case. It will also effectively clean the pool floor.

Also, remember that it is necessary to disconnect the pump from the outlet to prevent electric shock.

intex pool

How to Hook Up a Pool Vacuum to an Intex Pump.

1. Gather the Materials

First, you have to prepare all the necessary tools. After that, check the length of your garden hose. Its length should be long enough to connect the house spigot with the little slack of the pool (the farthest part).

2. Attach the Telescoping Shaft

The Intex pump should come with two pieces of telescoping shafts. Insert one end with the other one and attach them together using the blue locking mechanism.

3. Align the Vacuum Head

The telescoping shaft must be aligned with the vacuum head where the spring is visible. Next, squeeze plastic tips and spring together before seeing the shaft go through the head.

4. Tie the Debris Bag with the Vacuum Head

Next, squeeze the spring and plastic tips together before the shaft goes into the head. While the shaft goes into the pool vacuum head, attach the debris bag with the vacuum head. Make sure the bag is tied with it.

5. Connect the Garden Hose with the Telescoping Shaft

Attach the garden hose adapter nozzle to the pool vacuum head’s opposite side. Ensure that you secure the connection by clipping the hose to the shaft. Next, wind the garden hose on the adapter nozzle. You should see the flat washer along with the adapter that you must put in the hose coupling.

6. Get the Water Flowing

Now you can safely make the water flow. However, remember that you need to monitor the water pressure, which we already mentioned in the article above.

7. Clean the Debris

Now take the vacuum head and start driving it along the bottom of the Intex pool manually to clean it of all impurities.

Look at a short video about Hooking up a pool vacuum to an Intex pump.

Troubleshooting Tips to Avoid Potential Problems

If you observe that the vacuum stirs the particles as well as sediments, there may be an issue with the filter cartridge. Particles, as well as sediments, tend to obtain stuck inside the filter. In this instance, you might need to tidy or change the filter.

Seems like a no-brainer yet always check if the filter pump is functioning or not. Additionally, eliminate the auto cleaner out of the pool if you have it.

When linking the yard tube, all the links should have a protected fit. You do not actually desire water in the position you don’t intend to.

An old and wrinkly pool flooring can cause the cleaner to obtain stuck. Always check if the cleaner is stuck and additionally smooth the swimming pool floor completely procedure.

If you prefer to utilize the particles net rather than the filter, ascertain that it is cleaned up frequently.

Throughout the cleaning process, make certain that the filter pump is not turned on. It also births repeating that you should unplug the power cord when you’re doing these troubleshooting steps.

When you’re finished with the pool cleaning, securely shop all the materials and components in a safe and secure bag for future use.

How Long Should I Run the Pump? 

The answer is it depends on a number of things, including chemicals used, filter types, pump size, and purifiers used. However, the general rule is that you should try to run the pump for 6 hours a day in winter and about 12 hours a day in summer. 


Now, having familiarized yourself with all these steps, you will be able to easily cope with the task. Do everything carefully and accurately, and then success will be guaranteed!

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