How to increase suction in pool skimmer

The swimming pools are the place where you usually want to spend the most pleasant vacation, leisure, weekend, or just a day of entertainment with friends.

Timely and sufficient purification of the pool water circulation system is important for a great vacation.

However, there may often be cases when the pool surface may become insufficiently clean. It may contain small particles of garbage, insects, leaves, and other unpleasant things. All of this debris also can block water flow.

The key to solving the problem

To monitor the cleanliness of the water in the pool in a timely manner pool owners need to remove leaves and other floating debris. The key to solving the problem will be the installation of special pool skimmers with skimmer baskets.

In addition, the pool filter and special pool pump are also used for water purification. Skimmers require a pool pump to create the suction needed to circulate the water around.

The cleaning system is ineffective if suction in pool skimmer is often lost. What is causing this problem and how to increase suction in pool skimmer?

What are Pool Skimmers?

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Pool skimmer posted in every usual pool and above-ground pool. Using the pool’s filtration system, skimmers pull water from the surface. It takes away leaves, sunscreen, hair, and other things from the pool before they decrease to the bottom.

Pool proprietors may have one or two skimmers depend upon the size of the pool.

Why skimmers low suction in pool?

All of this debris can block water flow especially if you haven’t checked the skimmer in a few days, were away from your house, have leaves and twigs that blow into your pool, or have had heavy rain and wind which blows more debris into your pool.

So suction in pool skimmer may not be powerful to carry out a full-fledged cleaning of water and suction of garbage. In this case, you will need to think about how to increase suction in pool skimmer.

Also do not rush to buy a new device for the pool’s filtration system. There are quite a few ways to increase suction in the pool to get rid of garbage.

Below are problems that can lead to low suction power in your pool skimmers and the solution.

What do skimmers do for your pool?

When you start a pool pump, the skimmer pulls water and floating debris from the pool surface through a butterfly valve called a weir, then collects them in the skimmer basket after passing through the weir.

The circulation system continues this process until the pool pump is turned off.

The butterfly valve on the pool pump returns to its original position when the pump is turned off, which prevents debris from returning to the pool.

The skimmer baskets in this phase collect debris from the pool surface, ensuring maximum filtration capacity and free flow of water.

Why does the suction power weaken?

Let’s list some of the problems that cause pool skimmer suction to weaken and ways to repair low suction power in pool skimmers.

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Importance of the correct water level

Flow into the inlet of the pool skimmer must be high enough that no air is present. Most of the pool’s skimmers move about an 1/8 inch into the water. It will help skimmers to remove debris and chemicals properly.

But, when the weather is warm and sunny, too much water may evaporate from the pool, so it may need to be refilled.

In torrential rain, water levels rise abruptly above the skimmer opening. And in this way skimmer does not work at all.

You may notice that leaves are floating or near the skimmer when the water level in your pool is too high. If the water is too high, drain the pool until the water is the skimmer line.

Clogging In Skimmer Valve

The next reason is in the clogged skimmer valve. After a period of time taking dust in, there will typically be a buildup of debris somewhere in the suction area. In most cases, a clogged skimmer is caused by debris that has reached the pipe from the skimmer basket.

Remove the basket from the skimmer gently and analyze if it has a flow control valve in there. Make sure the valve is working well and not blocked. You can clean the skimmer valve and other parts with water pressure from your garden hose or air compressor.

Clogged Skimmer Basket

When there is too much trash in the basket of skimmer, the pipe between the pump and the skimmer is shut off.
You can adjust pool skimmer suction by cleaning the skimmer basket of leaves, bugs, rocks, and other material that might be clogged inside.

Clogging Pump Basket

Does the basket need to be emptied after every vacuum? Vacuuming collects all trash in the pump basket. Empte baskets full of leaves, twigs and other stuff that made it in the basket after vacuuming. Check that the pump strainer basket is not full of debris and stopping the proper flow of water to the pump.

Clean Out The Impeller Pump.

Check the pump impeller first to determine the underlying cause.
Low pump suction might be caused by its fault.
Pump and lid need to be turned off, and basket removed, in order to check the impeller. A small hole will be visible in the impeller after that. Use an air compressor to blow the dirt out if you notice there’s a lot of debris on there.
Thus you’ll able to clean the impeller and increase suction in your pool pump.

Check The Filter

There will be less water flowing from the filter if it is clogged. That increases the water pressure around the filter.
If you owner cartridge filter there is a possibility that is clogged and needs cleaning.
For low suction sand filter you need backwash it.

Blockage Vacuum Hose

Unless the above issues are resolved, you may have a blockage in the pipes linking your skimmer with your pump.

To increase suction in pool hose it out with a high pressure hose to clean it out. Again the dirt can be forced out of the pipe with an air compressor and a nozzle.

As long as you try these tips on how to increase suction in pool skimmer, you should be able to get your pool suction back to its full strength.

How to adjust pool skimmer suction?

You must adjust the skimmer suction nicely for effective cleansing. You don’t have to be any professional for doing this. You need to clear the skimmer basket form debris and check the pump basket regulary.

Watch for the water level and clear the filter if it nessesary. It’s keys to get rid of low suction power and increase suction in the swimming pool skimmer and filter.

So, you might want to try out the fixes mentioned above if you think your pool skimmer’s suction power is weaker than usual.

Skimmer in winter

In order for the skimmer to work properly, it is worth holding a skimmer prep for the winter. You need to stuff the inside of it with something or cover it with a thick cloth so that nothing gets inside the device. For an in-ground pool, when you’ve driven out the lines, you must insert a rubber plug or an ice compensator.


Thousands of pool owners face the same problem. Our tips help you best deal with this error. When you see that your pool skimmer’s suctionpower is too weak to suck up the pool water, whip out this guide and try out some of that we’ve mentioned above.

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